Tech Deck

Tech Deck fingerboards are authentic miniature skateboards with real skateboard parts that you use with your fingers. Wheels, suspension and the board itself are made to a high quality standard for hardcore skaters. By using Tech Deck fingerboards you can drive and trick like famous skateboarders.  Each board is hot-branded with the world’s most famous skateboard companies and, with a little bit of practice, every beginner will easily become an awesome Tech Deck skater!
Target Audience:  Boys aged from 8 to 14

Available in Germany & The Netherlands


Build A Sk8 Park

Build your dream skate park! Connect individual pieces to create a large skatepark. Comes with 1 large ramp or platform piece, 4 connectors and 1 sticker.


Carry Case

This is a combination of carry and display case for up to sixteen 96mm Tech Deck boards.


Collector Tin

The Collector Tin has 4-color screen printed graphics, embossed details, and a display window.


Sheckler Park

Replica Ramp pieces from Ryan Shekler's Personal Skatepark. Basic Fingerboard Play. First wave comes with 2 styles: Hubba Left, Ramp with Wall, Wave 2 rolling in 3rd Style: Hubba Right.


Sheckler Park Large Ramp

Replica Ramp pieces from Ryan Sheckler's Personal Skatepark.