Upper Deck International

Founded in Amsterdam in 1999, Upper Deck International BV has grown to be a leading entertainment publishing company that creates and delivers a portfolio of innovative, high quality products which contribute to exciting, interactive social experiences.

Upper Deck specializes in award-winning collectible Trading Card Games such as the wildly popular World of Warcraft®Trading Card Game and the latest sensation, the Huntik Trading Card Game.

Besides that, Upper Deck International BV develops, produces and distributes toys, puzzles, trading cards, stickers, family card games, board games, miniature board games, figurines, coins and various other collectible products.

The mentality is one of being “globally local”. Upper Deck International BV has headquarters in the Netherlands and currently has offices in the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Brazil. Offices in Russia are planned for 2009.

At Upper Deck we aim to create and deliver innovative, high-quality entertainment products that contribute to exciting, interactive social experiences.

We have built our business around this philosophy and, in order to reach our goals, we are a people-centric company. We are passionate about what we do, we are “smart working” and we always act with authenticity and integrity.

Trading Card Games

The cornerstone of our success has been built upon Trading Card Games, such as the World of Warcraft®. Our games are a global phenomenon, with sales exceeding the wildest expectations.

We also organize tournaments to bring together players to compete and share in the excitement of Trading Card Games. From the local hobby store to the European Championship, you can’t beat the thrill of victory.

Alongside these already successful brands, new lines have been introduced, including Huntik™ and Dinosaur King™. The Huntik™ range changes the way Trading Card Games are played, providing a seamless link between the physical cards and the online Huntik™ world through secret codes within the packs.


Let’s play. Upper Deck International BV has licenses to create new games for brands such as Smurfs and Winnie the Pooh, as well as new lines and brands.

Games bring people together, to share the joy whatever their age.


From Tech Deck® Fingerboards to Gormiti®, Upper Deck International BV is constantly broadening and developing its toy range. Toys help children of all ages to grow their skills, learn about the world around them, develop views and enhance their physical and mental co-ordination.


Upper Deck International BV has licenses to distribute Coollectibles™ of the characters you know and love. A range of Huntik™ Coollectibles™ is being produced alongside the Trading Card Game.