Trading Card Games

The cornerstone of our success has been built upon Trading Card Games, such as World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game. Our games are a global phenomenon, with thousands of fans and players. We also organize tournaments to bring together players to compete and share in the excitement of Trading Card Games. From the local hobby store to the European Championship, you can’t beat the thrill of victory.

Alongside these already successful brands, new lines have been introduced, including Huntik™and Dinosaur KingTM. The Huntik™ range changes the way Trading Card Games are played, providing a seamless link between the physical cards and the online Huntik™ world through secret codes within the packs.

Trading Card Games

Dinosaur King

These Fossils are Colossal! When the son of a world-famous paleontologist, along with his friends, finds some mysterious dinosaur cards and a stone slate, he discovers he has the power to bring dinosaurs to life! In fact, whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs. Our heroes in the making must ensure the cards, now scattered all over the world, don’t fall into the wrong hands! The Dinosaur King™ Trading Card Game is a fun, easy-to-play Trading Card Game based on the exciting Dinosaur King™ Cartoon, where 3 kids, Max, Rex and Zoe, are searching around the world for lost Dinosaur Cards. The Dinosaur King™ TCG replicates the exciting battles seen on TV with Move, Dinosaur, and Character Cards. The Trading Card Game will contain all the kids’ favourite cards from the TV show.

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