Real Construction


Saw it! Nail it! Build it!

Real Construction is the only brand of tools that really work! Using logs, beams and planks made from the unique Kid-Wood™ material, Real Construction teaches lifelong skills and empowers kids to build anything they can imagine.

Children can develop craftsmanship, creativity and a sense of pride in their accomplishments. No more role play – this is reality, in a completely safe environment.

Available in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland.


Deluxe Tool Set

It's a very luxurious set with all the tools and materials, like hammer, miter saw, screwdriver, nails, screws, hole cutter, square beam, and a project book. Build anything you can imagine!


Fastner Set & Carry Case

This handy set contains a carrying case, 50 nails (2 sizes), left and right hinges, and 50 screws (also 2 sizes). Great to use for fastening pieces of your constructions together!


Open Stock Tools

This handy set contains a miter saw and miter box, along with a project book. Perfect for sawing perfectly angled cuts to 45 degrees. Not available in any other sets.


Starter Tool Set

The Starter Tool Set is a nice set to find out what Real Construction is about. It contains a small saw, small hammer, 40 nails, 5 round rods, 4 planks, and a project book. You can build either an airplane, birdhouse, or sailboat. Let your imagination run wild!


Tool Belt & Accessories

Easy to stock all of your tools while you're building your construction! It contains a belt with pouches, a tape measure, 3 tool holders, a square level, flashlight, and 2 AA batteries.