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Monday, May 31, 2010

Upper Deck International Invites You to Dress Up and Party!

Upper Deck International Invites You to Dress Up and Party!

In a magic dress up chest, filled with costumes galore,
here lives a group of the cutest bears for you to adore.

They love to dress-up and swap their outfits with friends,
Because when you're a Party Animal, the fun never ends!

Check out Cheeky and Teekee slurping smoothies at the Hula Hangout! And did you see Snorki dancing with Fin at the Seashell Concert? It must be party time! 

Meet the Party Animals – they’re cute, collectible bears with costumes to wear. Just pop your tiny bear into its favourite costume to transform it into an adorable Party Animal!

There are nine different bears to collect, and with more than 50 different Party Animal costumes for them to dress up in, the party never ends! Each costume is themed around eight cool teams, including Pets Party, Snow Party, and Ocean Party. See if you can find one of the rare VIP costumes – because no party is complete without a special guest! Take a look at the Collector’s Guide, included in packs, to help you keep track of your collection.

Party Animals can be dangled from your bag, mobile phone, pencil case, and more. And if you really want to make the party portable, check out the Collector’s Carry Bag. It has loads of room for storage, and includes three bears, danglers and stickers, three exclusive rare costumes, and a sticker album.

The Party Animals like nothing more than getting together at the coolest party venues, and everyone’s invited! They love to chill out at the Snow Flake Lake, have fun in the sun at the Hula Hangout, or dance to the music of the ocean at the Seashell Concert. Later in the year the Costume Club will be opening its doors for business. It’s a huge 20-piece playset complete with elevator, disco ball, and dance floor. It’s the ultimate party setting!

Collect them, trade them with your friends, and swap their costumes! With exciting new characters and accessories planned for future release, this party has only just started!

Notes to Editors:

  • Party Animals will be released in Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in September 2010
  • Available in packs of 1, 2, and 4, each Party Animal (a bear and a costume) comes with a sticker, and a dangler thread, so that it can be attached to bags, mobile phones, pencil cases, folders, etc.
  • A Collector's Guide is included in the single-pack and two-pack, and the four-pack comes with a colourful Collector's Poster.
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above.
  • The first three playsets - the Snow Flake Lake, Hula Hangout, and Seashell Concert will be released in September 2010, followed by the Costume Club later in the year.



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